Penang Road Famous Cendol and Ice Kacang

We tasted the most famous Penang Road Famous Cendol and ice kacang during our stay in Penang.  When hubs drove to the lane where the stall was, I asked him to drop the idea of getting down the car to join in the looooooong bee line at the stall.  It was scorching hot and we were already perspiring though in the air conditioned car.  The weather had been frigging sweltering for the past one week (and is still hot and humid) and if you don’t already know, I am a Puteri Lilin, will surely melt in the sun!  There was NO way I was getting down the car to join in the craze! But hubs the foodie was adamant and quickly parked his car at the side. My dad was also very game to join in the queue to get a bowl of the cendol. To our surprise, the queue quickly dispersed (everyone quickly gulped down their bowl of ice and zoomed off from the scorching sun) and hubs didn’t have to wait too long.

The unassuming stall….

The refreshing cendol and ais kacang. We could not get a better pix as my mum was the camera-woman and Baby was on her lap, jumping up and down.

Even Phua Chu Kang and gang patronized the stall, don’t pray pray oh….

I taste your ais kacang, you taste my cendol… mmmmmm, soooooo delicious and refreshing!  I don’t mind going there again in our next trip BUT I am still not getting down the car hah!

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