Does Your Kid Eat Chicken Feet?

Alycia does! And it’s only recently that she started to show interest in the bird’s gross looking feet, hahahaha! I don’t eat them, I find them too gross and yucky. The vision of the chicken running around stepping on its own poop will keep invading my mind each time I see those chicken feet protruding from the pot or bowl of gravy, muahahahahahaha!

This is the pot of stewed chicken with Chinese chestnuts, mushrooms and chicken feet…

When Alycia saw kakak stuffing the bird’s feet into her mouth, sucking them oh so deliciously and smacking her lips, she salivated….

I decided to pull her leg and asked her if she wanted to try those delish feet and to my utter surprise, she nodded her head and said “YES!” In the past, she absolutely abhored those feet.  Well, people do change in their taste and preferences, right?

Does your kid eat chicken feet?

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