Why Do Boys Have Tail??

Sherilyn caught me by surprise one day when she threw me this question “mummy, why do boys have tail?” . I asked her whose ‘tail’ she had seen, was it daddy’s and she said no. Upon probing further, she told me that she saw the boys at her kindy wee wee with their ‘tail’ MUAHAHAHAHA!!

When Sherilyn fished out a halter neck top that was not worn for ages, she exclaimed “OOOOWOW, I like it mummy!!” … with a beaming face!! This princess wannabe likes all things girlish, princess and sexy too! I wish Alycia was like that too instead of just wearing frumpy dumpty t-shirts and jeans. Getting her to wear anything sexy or girlish, she will go ballistic and sulky *slap forehead*….. how I hate those Transformers, Ben 10, Ultraman and monsters that she loves, eeeessssssh!!!

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