How To Unwrap?

My mil bought some California rolls (aka hand rolls) from Jaya Jusco for the girls for lunch the other day. But when we wanted to eat the rolls, we were stumped.  The plastic sheet that was wrapped round the California roll was wrapped in such a complicated way that none of us could solve the ‘puzzle’ on how to unwrap it. Though there were diagrams to show how to unwrap the rolls, I think only the person who created the diagrams know how to read them himself/herself.

Rascal #2 trying to unwrap the wrapper…

Even my mil couldn’t solve the mysteriously wrapped California roll. And we had to unwrap the plastic wrapper by snipping it off with a pair of scissors.

There must be a key to unwrapping the plastic sheet which we must have overlooked. We saw a flap and tried to pull it but made a big mess when the roll sort of disintegrated haha! Anyone encountered this too? Gosh, it was steressssful eating the California rolls!

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