I Only Share My Chair With You

Baby has always been closer to Alycia than with Sherilyn. Ever since Alycia started attending primary school, she has lesser time to play with Baby. She’s in school most of the time. Even when she’s at home, she is always busy with her homework and will be in bed by 9pm. In fact, Alycia hardly has the time to play with Baby these days. Now, Sherilyn has taken over the role of playmate to Baby and they have both become closer to each other. 

Over one dinner last week, Baby decided to ditch her booster chair and wanted to stay reeeeeaalllly close to Sherilyn jie jie. She wanted to sit on the same dining chair as her jie jie and her jie jie gladly obliged to her demand. Gosh, seeing Baby sitting precariously on the edge of the chair gave me the jitters!  Yet, it was heartwarming to see them enjoying each other’s company so much.

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