Don’t You Think She’s Too Spoilt?

When daddy picked Alycia up from school one day last week, he asked her what she’d like to have for lunch. Of course, Alycia gladly said chicken rice, which was her favorite food and off daddy went to the nearby coffee shop to buy her chicken rice, knowing that there’s lunch prepared at home. Just then, I called daddy and reminded him that I had cooked fried glass noodles for the gals. Daddy then had to tell Alycia that she can’t have chicken rice as mummy had cooked fried noodles. When daddy brought Alycia home, she refused to alight from the car and started bawling. My maid had to drag her out from the car. When Alycia came into the house, she was scolding me, as if blaming me for thwarting daddy’s plan with her. She was crying and screaming for a good 15 minutes until daddy brought her out to the chicken rice shop and bought her a packet of chicken rice!

When daddy’s back, I told him that he is spoiling Alycia rotten this way. Whilst daddy is always the good guy who always accedes to the gals’ wimps and fancies, I am always seen as the bad guy and the disciplinarian. I reckon that this is one of the reasons why Alycia has been behaving so negatively towards me lately. Well, I think the incident yesterday had sort of ‘woken’ up daddy and made him realize that he just can’t continue spoiling Alycia, else she can really turn into a wayward child in no time. I can’t imagine what Alycia will turn into if I were still working and she’s left in the care of a babysitter or a childcare centre.

Alycia enjoying every spoonfull of her chicken rice.

The glass noodles that were not touched…. what a waste!

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Vacation In Madrid

Ever thought of visiting Madrid, capital of Spain? The long holidays are just around the corner and if you are planning for a vacation, you might want to visit Madrid, one of the most breathtaking cities in Europe and a city with many grand, ornate buildings, churches and museums. Madrid is often favored by tourists as it is an energetic city with intense cultural activities, happening nightlife, delectable food, festivals, shopping and plenty of parks as well as leisure attractions from theme parks to historical landmarks, zoos, gardens, lakes and much more.

My brother and his wife who visited Madrid recently told me that finding hotels in Madrid is never a problem  as there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. When they were at Madrid, they stayed at a 3-star hotel which cost them less than EUR100 per night. My brother and his wife who are seasoned travelers normally book their accommodation online after they have done some reading on hotel news and they often get great deals on hotels and air tickets. So if you are thinking of traveling soon, I think it is really a good idea to do some homework by surfing the internet to pore over information on the country that you will be visiting and check out any great deals that are available for your accommodation.

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Birds’ Nest

That’s a bowl of birds’ nest double boiled with ‘pau sum’ (a type of ginseng) and rock sugar. I love birds’ nest and the only time I get to savour this expensive and exotic delicacy is when I’m pregnant. For both my pregnancies, I ate a lot of birds’ nest. Whenever my mil was around, she would soak the nests and then painstakingly spend 2 days cleaning the birds’ nest by using a tweezer to pick up dirt and feathers that are stuck to nests. Then, she would double boil the nests to perfection. However, when she’s overseas, hubby would buy the instant ones from Lo Hong Ka, which I don’t really fancy as they are tasteless when compared to the good quality ones that have been selected, cleaned and double boiled.

Last week, hubby bought 6 pieces of orangy colored wild birds’ nest from Eu Yang Sang and got the owner of the shop to double boil the birds’ nest. I’ve eaten 3 times and I have another 3 more rounds to go. They smell really good, like the aroma of cooked eggs. I was told that good quality birds’ nest would emit the smell of cooked eggs when they are boiled. I was really touched by hubby’s concern, well, I think he’s more concerned of the baby! When I asked how much the birds’ nest cost, my jaw almost dropped. The 6 tiny pieces of birds’ nest cost a whopping RM600!!

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