Our Sunday

Today, we skipped church as Alycia was still having fever and purging in the morning. After taking her medicine, her fever subsided and I decided that we could attend the bloggers’ meet at Bangsar Village.

The moment I stepped into Delicious restaurant, I was greeted with a wave from a familiar face inside the restaurant. It was Barbara (Mummy to ChumsyAshley), the lady whom I’ve wanted to meet for months. I could recognize her as I’d seen her pix before from her blog.  She has never met me before but she could recognize Alycia and Sherilyn, thus the waving to me to direct us to her table. It was a really good gathering and I hope there will be more of such gatherings involving more bloggers in future. Read more about the bloggers’ meet here.  

When we came home, Sherilyn’s body felt hot. I checked her temperature and as expected, she had fever. Aly’s virus must have spread to Sherilyn when she fed Sherilyn with a pinch of cake that she was eating yesterday.  I quickly sponged her, gave her some milk and put her to nap. Though she’s having fever, she was nevertheless still very active and alert. Now, I have 2 sick kittens plus one sick big cat at home. Hubby’s also not feeling well as he’s got another bout of food poisoning and has been purging and vomitting.  Looks like it’s going to be another sleepless night for me tonight!

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What Should I Eat For Breakfast?

It’s 8am now and I still haven’t gone out to buy my breakfast. I normally have fried vegetarian meehoon with fried egg for breakfast but today, I just don’t have the appetite for any food. Still feeling a tad nauseous and I just hate the smell of the burnt joss sticks coming from both sides of my neighbour – it makes me more nauseous and causes my nose itch as I have super sensitive nose. The air in my house is practically filled with smell of burnt joss sticks throughout the day and I’m worried it may cause harm to my unborn child.

Maybe I will grab some fried mee siam (fried vegetarian meehoon with thai chili sauce) with some yeong tau fu.  No appetite to eat also must eat what, right? The baby has to eat too! 

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A Good Google PR Makes A BIG Difference

Yes, it does and the effect is immediate. Yesterday morning, I was taken by surprise to see 3 offers for me from this advertiser. I had not known of my promoted PR yet and was wondering if the advertiser made a mistake by giving me 3 offers. Hours later, I found out from Hui Sia that my Google PR has shot up to PR4. Later in the evening, I received another highly paid offer from this advertiser.

This morning, I saw another long list of opps for me at LL. My blog was approved by LL 3 months ago and I hardly got any offers from them but after the PR promotion, the opps just came pouring in. I still haven’t accepted any from them yet as I still have 13 outstanding assignments.

Yes, I’m happy that my blog PR has increased but am worried at the same time that I may not be able to handle the number of assignments. I guess I just have to strike a balance between earning money and spending time with my kids, even if it means having to forgo some opps and earning less.

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I Need A Hood For My Kitchen

I love to cook but I just hate making a mess of my kitchen. How I hate the oil stains left on the kitchen floor and walls after each cooking session, not to mention the air of the kitchen would be filled with smoke and vapor for the next few hours. When I step out of the kitchen, my hair and clothes would smell of greasy oil. That’s why I have to install a hood in my kitchen that can whisk cooking odors away whilst cleaning the air in the kitchen. I’ve seen a number of Broan Range Hoods from the electrical shop the other day when we went to shop for our HDTV. This brand of hood has multiple air cleaning functions which I find very useful.  We almost purchased one but the stainless steel hood was out of stock and will only arrive in a couple of weeks.

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Update – Alycia’s Fever

Alycia still has a slight temperature this morning. Will see how she feels later after she takes her medicine. If she feels good, we will attend the bloggers’ gathering, else I will have to skip it again. The Augmentin antibiotics that she’s taking is causing her tummy discomfort and she’s been having watery stools since yesterday. I really don’t like giving my kids antibiotics as it weakens their immune system but for throat ulcer that’s so painful, our paed says antibiotics will rid the ulcer faster. Well, I’ll just have to supplement her diet with probiotics after Alycia completes her course of antibiotics.

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