Yellow Ginger Chicken

This is my all-time favorite dish – ‘wong keong kai’ or yellow ginger (kunyit) chicken. It’s wholesome and delicious. I can’t wait for my confinement days to arrive (though I hate the ‘pantang’ part) so that I can ask my confinement lady to cook this dish for me everyday. Yes, when I love a dish, I don’t mind eating it everyday. I never got tired of my confinement dishes during my confinement. Now, I’m just so looking forward to eat those dishes again.

It’s quite easy to cook this dish. Just coarsely blend some yellow ginger (make sure you use enough, else the chicken will be quite tasteless) and shallots and pan-fry them till fragrant and brown. Add chicken, some salt and some water and voila… you have a fragrant, mouth-watering dish on your table.

Even Alycia loves this dish. She ate so much till her mouth and face were stained yellow!

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Sherilyn’s Enlarged Lymph Nodes

Remember I had written about the swollen lymph nodes in Sherilyn’s neck sometime back? Well, after more than 3 months, the lump can still be felt on her right neck. Though it has shrunk in size considerably but the fact that it’s still there made me uneasy. So upon the recommendation of her paed, we brought Sherilyn to Pantai Cheras Medical Centre last week to have an ultrasound scan of her neck. The radiologist explained that the lump was only an enlarged lymph node and said that it’s very common in kids, especially after an infection or flu. It’s not a lump or a cyst. So that gave me some relief but I still have to monitor the size of the lymph node.

Sherilyn was so tensed as she lay on the bed in the cold air-cond room.

When the radiologist put the cold gel on her neck, she cried and struggled, so daddy had to hug her and carry her throughout the scan. We were all so glad and relieved when the whole thing was over.

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