I hate plain water…no thanks to my wacky hormones

Eversince I got my first bout of morning sickness since week 8 of the pregnancy, I never liked drinking plain water. The sight of plain water sends nausea down my guts instantly.  I only like flavored water but it must be unsweetened water coz anything that’s sweet also made me nauseas.  So what I do now everyday is put sliced lemon, fresh strawberries or fresh ‘kam quat’  in my mug of water so that the water has a fruity smell and taste.

From gulping down 16 glasses of plain water a day pre-pregnancy, I can only force myself to drink a max of 8-9 glasses of water now. No wonder I’ve got so much zits on my face now. Also, without sweating and exercising, all the toxins are not released from my body.  How I hate those ugly zits on my face that’s once flawless and smooth!

I also like to drink diluted unsweetened organic cranberry juice and promegranate juice with acai berries, goji berries, cherries and other berries.  Occasionally, I drink decaffienated tea like Chamomile tea, Peppermint tea and Citrus Lemon tea. 

I’m into my 15th week of pregnancy now and the morning sickness has subsided but I still feel nauseated after each meal, when I’m hungry or when I’m tired or sleepy. I just can’t wait for the 38th week to arrive. If everything goes smoothly, it’s going to be another elective c-section for me at week 38 as I’ve had c-section for my 2 previous pregnancies too.

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Lunch at Gardens, Mid Valley City

We were at Gardens @ Mid Valley City yesterday afternoon after church. Hubby wanted to bring us to a Taiwanese Restaurant (Fong Lye) located on one of the top floors. We entered the restaurant, ordered some dishes but were later told that there were no baby chairs. As the regular adult chairs were too low, we had to cancel our order and leave the place. I was rather disappointed coz the dishes there looked really mouth-watering and I really wanted to sink my teeth into those dishes. We will definitely go there again the next time, when the baby chairs arrive.

We then went to Yuzu Japanese Restaurant and the gals were so thrilled to have bumped into their Sunday school teachers, a lovely young couple who had just tied the knot.

The restaurant was classy and the service was good. Price is almost the same as any other Japanese restaurants and the food was good too. This is what we ordered :

Even Miss Spity Spat who doesn’t like to eat meat gobbled the chicken teriyaki and rice and ate 1.5 cups of Chawan Mushi (Japanese egg custard).

I so wanted to sink my teeth into the delicious fresh sashimi but gotta try hard to refrain myself from doing so.  Well, just wait for another 6-7 more months and I’ll get to indulge myself in raw fish again.

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Cheap Flights To Dubai

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