A Memorable New Year’s Eve

Picture taken outside Pavillion.

We had a real enjoyable New Year’s Eve yesterday.  Though there was a slight hiccup initially when the Sheraton Imperial Hotel told us that there was no room for us as they had gotten the check-in dates mixed up, we finally managed to get our room after hubby called the Starwood Privilege club to complain.  My maid had also forgotten to bring the bag where I put the gals’ bibs, tumblers, sweaters, wet wipes and other things.  Quite pissed off with my maid as she has been very forgetful and careless lately.

While waiting for our room to be ready, we took the monorail to Lot 10. It was the first time we all went on a monorail ride. It was packed like sardines inside but being pregnant, I had the privilege of getting a seat all the time! From Lot 10, we walked to Pavillion and had dinner at Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant. After dinner, we went to get some groceries.  Hubby wanted to get some J.Co doughnuts but the queue was absolutely crazy!  Seriously, do you think the doughnuts are that fantastic?  I really don’t think so and maybe I’m just the 20% of people who think this way LOL! Since he couldn’t get the doughnuts, he bought some buns from Bread Talk and egg tarts and pies from John King Bakery. We then walked back to the monorail station.

The walk from the hotel to the monorail station and from Lot 10 to Pavillion (both ways) was really really tiring for the gals and I. The gals who didn’t take their naps were really exhausted but happy.  The varicose veins on my legs felt like they were about to explode as we had walked for more than 3 hours. 

We had planned to count down to the New Year but all of us were so tired that we dozed off by 11pm but hubby set the alarm on his mobile phone for 11:50pm just in time for us to watch the fireworks display.  The room where we stayed on the 27th floor of Sheraton Imperial had an extremely good view of the KL Tower  and we could see the fireworks very well.  Do hop on to my other blog to view pix of the fireworks.

Here’s wishing everyone a very fruitful and happy 2008!

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