Sulky Sherilyn

Sherilyn is still resisting our new Cambodian maid and has been refusing to be touched, fed, washed up, held or bathed by the maid.  Yesterday morning when she got up from bed, I told my maid to bring Sherilyn to the toilet and to have her washed up as I was busy preparing Alycia for school.  Sherilyn got very upset and just sat on the bathroom mat with her bottom naked. She turned her head away from my maid and put on a sulky face as she said “you go away, I dowan you”.  

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Big Apple Doughnuts

We went shopping at Mid Valley and Gardens today.  When we walked across to Gardens from Mid Valley, we noticed the newly opened Big Apple doughnuts outlet.  I knew hubby who’s a big time doughnut fan would surely get some and sure enough, he queued up for 15 minutes to get himself a dozen of doughnuts.  When we left, the queue was really long. 


The durian cream filled doughnut is not too bad.  For someone who does not really fancy doughnuts, I prefer Big Apple to J.Co as Big Apple doughnuts are not as sweet as J.Co’s but still considered very sweet for my liking.

After getting the doughnuts, we headed to the newly opened Penang Gurney Drive restaurant for Penang cuisine.  The restaurant is quite impressive – it is on an individual stall concept but ordering of food is done by a captain.  The variety of food was really huge and the food was really good too.  We will definitely go there again and try other food. 

After lunch, we went shopping and bought the gals new shoes.  I also got myself 2 pairs of flat heeled sandals as my high heeled sandals are really a pain to the varicose veins on my legs.

I shall post pix of the delicious food at Gurney Drive so stay tuned….

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