Scrumptious Waffles With Delectable Honey

One of the highlights at the breakfast buffet at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel coffee house was the range of honey available for the scrumptious waffles.

This is the first time I had eaten honey straight from the bee hives. Notice the honey dripping down from the bee hives through the wooden funnel into a bowl? Very unique display at a buffet spread and it’s also the first time I’d seen this at a hotel.

The hotel was so generous with Manuka honey and there were so many types of Manuka honey that I tried a little bit of every flavor from orange blossom Manuka honey to Aloe  Manuka honey, organic Manuka honey, Manuka syrup and much more. 

The mouth-watering scrumptious waffle with delectable Manuka honey, honey straight from the bee hives any strawberry sauce.  Sooooo yummy!  No wonder my weight keeps increasing!

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Alycia’s Not Getting Any Better

Alycia’s cough is still not getting any better.  The phlegm has  increased and she kept vomitting the phlegm out each time she coughed.  This morning after drinking milk, she lay on the couch, then coughed and coughed and puked everything out.  Later during breakfast, she vomitted again, including the medicine that I had just fed her. She has also not poo pooed for 3 days as she has been eating very little.  Daddy will be bringing her to see the paed again later.

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One More Week To Go

This week will be my maid’s last week with us.  Can’t imagine life without her.  Though she’s got her weaknesses, she has nevertheless been quite a good and efficient maid.  I can leave many things to her like handling the kids and cooking and that has given me some time to do my own work.  With a new temp maid coming,  I know I won’t trust her with the kids and cooking.  I guess I’ll just have to close one eye to the new temp maid’s inefficiency and not stress myself up.  As long as the house and toilets are fairly clean, laundry done daily and dishes washed up, I can’t ask for more… though she’s going to cost us a bomb at RM1,200 per month!

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