5-Hour Wait In The Hospital

Today hubby and I brought Baby C to HUKM (Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) to consult the pediatric nephrologist for a suspected Kidney Reflux.  We reached the hospital at around 10am.  We could have been earlier but Baby C puked when I fed her the antibiotics in the morning and I had to changed her and feed her all over again. 

When we reached HUKM, there were 5 patients ahead of us.  We had to fill up a form and then sat at a designated area.  After a 2-hour wait, we finally got to see the doctor.  I was really disappointed that I did not get to see the Chief Pediatric Nephrologist (who is a Professor Madya) but only got to see a young doctor (who is under this Prof).  All she did was asked me a long list of questions, then checked Baby C’s chest with the stethescope, checked her diaper area and that’s it.  She then filled up a big pile of forms so that we could bring Baby C to do a blood test, get her 1 month supply of antibiotics and to get an appointment for her to do the MCUG test.

to be continued, time to hit the sack now……

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