Update On Cassandra’s Kidney Reflux

We brought Baby C to HUKM to see the nephrologist today.  An ultrasound scan was also performed on her kidneys.  The right kidney is still moderately dilated and the left kidney is fine.  She has a grade 3 Kidney Reflux, thus the reason the right kidney is dilated.  The nephrologist said that if she has a breakthrough UTI (which means that a UTI would still occur despite being on antibiotics),  she would refer Baby C to the pediatric surgeon for the surgeon to assess her case.    If the grade of KR continues to go up, she may have to undergo either a surgery to correct the urinary system  or the dr. would have to inject something into her bladder wall (I did not ask what procedure this is called as I had asked the dr. too many questions today) to prevent a reflux.

The goal now is to prevent another UTI and I can only pray hard that the UTI will be kept at bay coz recurring UTIs will scar the kidney. The dr. recommended that Baby C’s urine be tested once in every 3 months but hubby and I feel that it’s best that we have her urine tested every month. We feel it’s necessary so that at the onset of bacteria present in the urine, she can be treated immediately.

Meanwhile, the best I can do for Baby C is to breastfeed her for as long as I can. The dr. said that breastmilk is the best protection for her, on top of her daily antibiotics. Hopefully as she grows, the KR will also become less intense and hopefully, it can even resolve spontaneously.

I woke up at 5:30am today to collect Baby C’s urine. Took me 3 hours and 3 urine bags to collect 2 bottles of pee. The funny thing is that on days when I don’t need to collect her pee, she always gives me a wee wee fountain but on days when I need to collect her pee, she just won’t wee.

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Haze Is Back Again

Bummer, bummer, bummer, the haze is back again! I just don’t understand what’s it with our government. Why aren’t they taking any effective measures to prevent the haze from coming back? Each time the haze is back, I would read from the newspapers that the government is taking measures to prevent the haze but why is the haze still coming back time and again, year after year? It looks like the visiting of the haze to our country is a yearly affair and this has been happening for more than a decade and for as long as I can remember. Each time our country is shrouded by the haze, tourists will also shun away from our country. I’d shun away from a haze-shrouded country too and choose to visit a country with fresh and clean air. Right now, I am dreaming of some Las Vegas vacations to escape from my lung-choking country!

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