Baby C Has Kidney Reflux

The MCUG test went smoothly today.  We reached Hospital UKM at around 9am and went to the pediatric daycare ward for the catheter to be inserted into her urethra.  When the doctor arrived, I carried Baby C into the procedures room and I was told to leave the room.  I really hate it that I couldn’t be with Baby C each time she has to go through such painful and traumatic times.  I was told to sit at the waiting area but I just stood outside the room and held on to my rosary and prayed fervently to God that He will remove Baby C’s pain and discomforts.  I was told that Baby C did not cry when the tube was inserted into her urethra but only cried when she was given an antibiotics jab on her bum.  Clever me had brought along some toys to the hospital and I told the medical assistants to keep her distracted with them.

Next, we brought her down to the Radiology Department for the MCUG test to be carried out. I will never forget the 2 hours I spent there. First, something really embarassing happened and all I could say was “oh sh*t!!”. Check out my other blog to read.

When it was finally Baby C’s turn to go into the X-ray room, my heart pounded. I felt really anxious and nervous. I again took out my rosary and prayed fervently. I have not felt so worried sick for a long time.  The last time I felt this worried sick was when I was pregnant with Alycia (only 10 weeks preggers) and I was suspected of having German measles.  I could hear Baby C wailing her lungs out and all I could do was to pray, with a BIG lump stuck in my throat and watery eyes. When her cries intensified, the radiologist came out to ask if Baby C had any pacifier. I told her that Baby C does not suck one but gave her Baby C’s toys and teething ring. Moments later, I didn’t hear Baby C’s cries anymore. The toys managed to distract her.   Those painful cries from Baby C will forever be etched in my memory.

The procedure went quite fast.  When I heard the radiologist called out “Cassandra’s mother, please come in“, I rushed into the x-ray room and quickly picked Baby C up from the x-ray table and hugged her tightly.  I can never forget how worn out her face was from all the crying.  I then asked the radiologist if Baby C has kidney reflux and my heart was crushed when she said yes. The report, which would indicate what grade her reflux is would only be out in 2 days and the hospital would call to notify us.

Some of the disadvantages of a government hospital are that you have to wait for hours for your turn. And know what? Our next appointment to see the nephrologist is only in 3 months’ time! Goodness, how can we wait that long? Of course, we would like to see the nephrologist ASAP to see what’s the next course of action. After pleading for a much nearer appointment date, we were given an appointment which was scheduled for September! Goodness gracious, no wonder many patients with terminal illness and patients waiting for transplants had died while waiting for their turn to seek treatment in government hospitals. We will see how it goes. We may bring Baby C to a private hospital but that’s going to be very costly and all her bills will not be covered by insurance since it is a congenital problem.  I am praying that Baby C’s kidney reflux is only a mild grade and that it will resolve by itself as she grows older.

Baby C’s pink bear rattle and the frozen water-fiiled teething ring helped a great deal in distracting her. The radiologist told us that the frozen teething ring managed to pacify her and stopped her from crying.

Baby C’s Fisher Price toy. 

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