Poor Baby C Was Poked Twice

When the doctor told me yesterday that she needs to have Baby C’s blood taken, my heart skipped a beat or two for a moment for I know it will surely be extremely difficult to find a vein in her chubby hands or feet…. which means that the nurses have to poke her a few times. My heart bled  too when I saw the nurse poke Baby C’s hand to have blood drawn out. The first time, she was poked on the right hand, which was unsuccessful. She wailed her lungs out. After spending a few minutes searching high and low for a vein on her hands and feet, the nurse finally found a vein and poked her left hand. I was desperately trying to distract my poor baby with a musical toy and prayed so hard to God that the needle will not hurt my baby and my prayer was answered…. Baby C was so engrossed with a musical toy in the clinic that she did not let out any cry during the second attempt to draw out her blood. Phew….

A satisfied Baby C after I had nursed her and changed her pooped diaper inside the doctor’s clinic. Read the story here.

Poor Baby C’s hands plastered on both sides.  Now, she has 5 tiny holes on the back of her palm.  My poor baby has been poked 5 times on her hands and 1 time on her foot in 1 month, resulting from the UTI / suspected kidney reflux.  

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