Baby C Proudly On Her Tummy

At 3 months, 1 week, my baby can finally push her arms up and raise her head while on her tummy. For the past one week, she’s been trying hard to flip over and when she’s stuck on her side, she will yell out loud, making sounds like an angry cat, on the verge of fighting with its enemy, LOL!

And with a little help from me, my baby was proudly on her tummy, turning her head away as she enjoyed the view surrounding her.

The victorious look!

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Precious Poop

Baby C has not poo pooed today, making today the 3rd day of her not emptying her bowels and I am worried sick. I would not say that it is constipation as she did not strain herself in her effort to poo poo. I have been feeding her with plain water and massaging her tummy since yesterday but nothing seemed to work. I even brought her to the pediatrician today but the dr. say it is not unusual that breastfed babies have long episodes of not emptying their bowels. I have been checking Baby C’s diaper every hour or so in the hope of seeing poop. Yes, for the first time, I am so looking forward to seeing Baby C poo! If she poos, I will be the happiest mum around and I will even be happier than receiving gold or a presidential dollar as gift! 

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My Saturday

I had a good Saturday morning with my 3 gals. I had wanted to get up at 7am to go jogging alone but had forgotten to set my alarm clock and overslept. Alycia and Sherilyn woke up shortly after me and I quickly fixed them milk, brushed their teeth and got them ready so that we can all go out for a jog before the hot sun comes out. I then woke Baby C up, nursed her and changed her. So at 9am, my maid and me, along with my 3 daughters went for a 15-minute jog round the neighborhood. It’s been ages since I last jogged with them. After jogging, we went to buy breakfast and thereafter, we went to the park. My 2 older gals really enjoyed sweating it out in the good morning sun.

Once back home, the gals had breakfast while I took a quick shower before Baby C woke up from her nap. After breakfast, Alycia and Sherilyn went to the patio and jumped on the trampoline. Then, I got a call from my old classmate. She had asked me for party ideas for her son’s first birthday celebration next month. She thought I would have lots of brilliant ideas for throwing parties since my hubby is a caterer. Oh not exactly actually as I don’t really help my hubby out in his business. I just directed my friend to, the place for expert advice, ideas, tips and simple planning tools for parties and celebrations. After I hung up on the phone with my friend, I went online and ordered a baby gift for my blogger friend who has just given birth to a baby boy this morning. We may go to Harvey Norman in the evening and thereafter to Tesco to shop for groceries. How was your Saturday?

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