Baby C A-Ok But Has A ‘Bungalow’ Behind Her Head

After the Humpty Dumpty fall yesterday, Baby C was fine.  No more vomiting, no altered mental status, no blurred vission, still as active and drinking her milk as usual.  But there was quite a bump on the back of her head 🙁    Was very whiny and wanted to be carried for the rest of the day (oh well, she always wants to be carried) and was latched on to my teats the entire night!!  We were both so sweaty in the aircond room coz body heat mar…. she was under my armpit the whole night treating my teats like her pacifier, a juicy one that is lol and her head was all wet with sweat…. whilst my jammies was damp too from her sweat as well as mine.  What a night!  

Will continue to pack my stuff today.  I just don’t know how I am going to do anything with Baby C being so clingy.  I now have a phobia of leaving baby on the floor, for fear of hearing that ‘phop’ sound again if she falls again.  I hope my 2 older girls will help me entertain their baby sister whilst I pack my things.   Ok, nuff said, going for my jog now before my 3 monkeys are up.

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