Swimming Craze

Alycia and Sherilyn have been spending much of their time in their bedroom or my bedroom or at the kitchen looking down at the pool, envying other kids swimming in the pool. So far, daddy had only brought them swimming in the pool once.¬† We have been very busy with unpacking our things and don’t have much¬†time to spend with them.

Today daddy was supposed to have brought them swimming but again, something cropped up and the plan was thwarted again.

Alycia taking a peep of kids swimming in the pool at the window of my bedroom, just before she went for her ballet class.

I am really eager to send my kids for swimming lessons as swimming is a must, it is a survival skill. However, the only classes conducted at our condo are during the afternoons between 3-5pm and mostly catered for Japanese kids. We’ll see how it goes. Daddy says he will teach his angels swimming but aargh, he always says only but is always busy. I can’t wait for Baby C to grow up so that I can bring her swimming and teach all my 3 gals swimming myself. I am no good swimmer but at least I have a Bronze Medallion (a life-saving test) and had participated in swimming competitions during my school days.

On a side note, how would you feel if you had accidentally cut your own baby’s flesh? I have a confession to make. Check out my health blog to read.

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