Stroller Accident

Here are the pix :

My grazed elbow. My hands and legs feel sore today, especially my left middle finger….. as though I had just worked out for hours in the gym yesterday.  Today, more blue black patches appeared on my hands and legs.  I look more like a battered wife today!

Today Baby C is a lot better but the injuries on her nose and forehead look redder and more obvious. When I brought her to Alycia and Sher’s pre-school to meet the teachers to collect the report card, all the teachers asked what happened… and I felt so tired explaining to them… how it happened, why it happened, blah blah blah… bleh!

Each time I think of how the accident happened, I shudder coz it really looked terrible and serious…. especially the part where the stroller somersaulted and Baby C landed face down on the hard tar road with the weight of the stroller all on her tiny body.  I thank God again that we only suffered from minor injuries.  It’s a miracle that Baby C’s injuries were very minor.  I will definitely have a phobia of pushing her on the stroller again.

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