What Can Keep Babies Amused

Apart from a couple of teething rings, I have not bought any toys for Baby C for I know she will surely lose interest in her toys in just hours. I’ve learnt my lesson after having 2 older gals. Amazingly, what amuses Baby C and also my 2 older gals when they were babies are things not meant for them, just about anything not meant for them from tissue papers to plastic bags, handphones, remote control, comb, hair brush, containers, etc. I am sure most babies are like that too. I guess this is human nature. The forbidden apple always looks tempting.

Baby C just loves combs. This is a comb that was given free to us when Baby C was hospitalized at Pantai Medical Centre 2 weeks ago. She’s been playing with this comb for more than a week and she still finds this comb amusing and tastes better than her teething rings!  I always have this comb next to me whenever I change her diaper or change her clothes as it is one of the things that can keep her entertained and still.

I don’t have to buy her expensive gel-filled or water-filled teething rings anymore. The ones that I had bought her recently are now all dumped aside. She likes free gifts more!

So who says free things are not good?  Even babies love them more than expensive toys.  Just another frugal living tip from me! 

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