Croissants For Dinner

Hubs went to the bakery and bought a bag full of croissants, 2 loafs of multi-grain-seed bread and a loaf of walnut wholemeal bread and some buns! He always doesn’t know how to buy things. When he buys, he buys too much, everything! So I told our maid not to cook rice and we all had bread for dinner – croissants for the girls and multi-grain-seed bread for me.

Sherilyn was grinning from ear to ear coz she doesn’t have to eat rice. Eating rice with dishes is like putting her in a torture chamber! Check out her left eye lid – it was swollen. I think some insects bit her.

I also fried some eggs and stir-fried a plate of brocolli with fresh shitake mushrooms and homemade fish paste, so that everyone gets some protein, fibre and disease-fighting nutrients from the mushrooms.

Have a great Sunday everyone?  What’s your plan today?  We’re off to church soon then off to my classmate’s friend’s daughter’s birthday party at McDonald’s. 

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5 thoughts on “Croissants For Dinner

  1. Oh wow! My hubs is also the same. When he order food, he orders too much too… haha.. tat’s why i’m getting a belly (ya rite, blame it on my hubby, haha.. actually i’m a pig)

    Btw, we had breakfast at home, then morning, lunch and afternoon in Midvalley.

  2. U could also have done a breakfast-type dinner at home(altho perhaps not if u had already been at Decanter). I love doing that sometimes and the kids always think it’s fun. If there are any “stale” croissants left, make a few cuts in each and soak in egg-milk mixture and pan-fry to turn them into french toast….very decadent! For Xmas brunch and for the adults only, I dribble some Grand Marnier before serving…yum!!!

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