My Little Vain Pot Who Wants To Be Hip Hop

Each Saturday after her ballet class, Sherilyn will amuse me with her dress sense when she steps into the house. Though there are clothes that I’ve already packed for her in her bag for her to change after class, she will be up to all sorts of fanciful fashion ideas like wearing a t-shirt on top of her ballet costume (with tutu and stockings still on) or changing into a spaghetti strap top while her tutu and stockings are still on, wearing a 3/4 pants over her stockings and tutu or wearing a skirt over her tutu like this:

Sherilyn oh Sherilyn…. never a sei pan pan strictly-by-the-book person! Check out the bunch of colorful plastic bangles on both her hands *rolls eyeballs* She secretly put those bangles into her bag when I wasn’t looking and wore them when her ballet class was over!

I think she’s influenced by the group of hip hop girls from Hi-5 or the bevy of fashionistas from High School Musical!  If you’ve been following my earlier posts, there was a period of time early last year when she would always pull one side of her sleeveless blouse/singlet down, just so she could look like one of the girls from Hi-5 in a one-sided shoulder sexy top!  Up until today, she still does that whenever she’s in a mood to look sexy! A few days ago, she made me ROTFL when she wore something that made her look really hip hop, yet hilarious. I shall post about it next. She really has a knack for fashion and style. I think she’ll excel in this arena in future, apart from being in the hair salon business LOL!!

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9 thoughts on “My Little Vain Pot Who Wants To Be Hip Hop

  1. With a good fashion sense and a personality to match, she has it made!! Sherilyn seems to really entertain you guys with her antics!!

    btw- the audition Harvynna went for was organised by Dutch Lady called Dutch Lady disney hoopla stars for kids aged 3-6.

  2. haha… that’s a little princess in the making. so, alycia is more tomboy-ish? your bb C at this age will still let you put her in the playpen ah? That’s really good ler, coz my william doesn’t want the play pen long time back, think it’s some kinda prison or something… haha

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