Alycia Swims

After about 9 months of once weekly swimmng lessons (which were held very irregularly with a several months hiatus in between), Alycia can finally swim breast stroke on her own from one end of the pool to the other. This girl just loves swimming and she has been telling me that she wants to be a national swimmer one day!  But I have to stop her swimming lessons from this month onwards as the day of her swimming lesson clashes with her Mandarin tuition class. After her first term exam, I will have to look for another swimming instructor who can teach her on a Saturday. I think Alycia has good potential in swimming and she loves it more than anything else. If given proper coaching, I believe she will excel in this arena.

Pix taken from the 5th floor of our unit:

Alycia swimming to daddy…

Sherilyn in her float on the left… and daddy with Alycia waving to me on the right….

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5 thoughts on “Alycia Swims

  1. I am watching videos on kids and baby swimming on youtube. It great to see young children to be able to swim, which is a survival kit for their life.

    Good job Alycia! 🙂

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