Alycia Wants Her Diaper!

For the past 2 days, Alycia demanded to have her diapers worn during the afternoon naptime. Since the ‘accident’ a few days ago where she wet the mattress, she seems to have a phobia of not wearing diapers, especially now that we have a brand new mattress as she’s concerned that she might accidentally pee on the new mattress. I tried to convince her that it’s ok to be diaper-free as mummy will be waking her up to bring her to the potty but she insisted on wearing her diaper. This afternoon, she brought her diaper out from the drawer, removed her shorts and begged me to put it on for her! Oh dear, why is she regressing? Is it because of the new mattress or she hates to be woken up to pee on the potty? Maybe tomorrow I should try to stealthily remove the diapers after she has drifted to sleep and then wake her up to pee. Good idea?

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Sherilyn Longs To Go To Pre-School

Poor Sherilyn. She really longs to go to pre-school. This morning as I was preparing Alycia for school, Sherilyn who was seated on her potty kept saying “i want to go to school”. The moment daddy opened the door to bring Alycia out, she sprang up from her potty and said “FINISH” (meaning finished her business) and ran to the bathroom to be washed up. She wanted to follow Alycia to school! As my maid was washing her up and putting her clothes on, she kept repeating “i want to go to school” and was on the verge of crying. So we all waited for her and daddy brought her along to the car for the short 1 minute’s drive to the school. When she came home, she repeated non-stop “i want to go to school, where is Alycia mummy? I don’t want Alycia to go to school. Go with me”. Poor girl. I think she misses her sister terribly and wants to follow her che che to school too. She then threw herself on the cold hard floor, sucked her thumb and her eyes were wet. She looked so terribly pathetic and my heart was wrenched. Now, I’m really considering sending Sherilyn to pre-school next year.

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Monday Morning

It’s 6:55am now and the rain is still tick tick tock tock pattering outside, since 4am. I wonder if it’s going to stop so that I can go for my morning stroll and get my breakfast and newspapers. I hope Alycia will have no problem waking up later for school as she had slept late last night. I actually got the gals ready for bed by 10pm but when daddy came back, as usual, the gals started to act up, especially Alycia and demanded that daddy does ‘bom bom cha’, a.k.a. walt dancing with them. Since daddy was stinky and sweaty as he had returned from a basketball game, he had to take his shower but Alycia was whining, crying and knocking on the bathroom door away. I hate such moments before bedtime. I was too sleepy and just couldn’t force my eyes to open and went to sleep whilst daddy had to placate Alycia from inside the bathroom. Sherilyn was quite good and slept with me but later when daddy got out from the bathroom, she was distracted and jumped out from bed and joined in the craze with Alycia to bom bom cha with daddy. I think they slept at 11ish pm. Hopefully Alycia will not act up later when I drag her out from bed.

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