Brewing My Favorite Tea

Apart from Japanese tea, I love Crysanthemum flower tea. My mil who is a discerning tea lover has a cute and handy tea brewing set from Korea which I can make my tea in a jiffy. I just need to put in the Crysanthemum flower buds into the ceramic strainer and after letting the flowers steep in hot water for a few minutes, I remove the ceramic strainer and pour out the tea into my cup. I use this tea brewer almost everday to brew my favorite Crysanthemum flower tea.

The Crysanthemum flower buds. These tiny ones in buds have a stronger aroma than the big petals Crysanthemum.

The special tea brewing set from Korea.

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Alycia Puked

Last night after taking her medicine, Alycia puked. I gave her a piece of Digestive biscuit as treat and I think she must have eaten the biscuit hastily and the biscuit must have gagged her throat, thus inducing the vomit sensation. I fed her the medicine again just before bedtime and thank God, she didn’t throw up. This medicine is really making her miserable – terribly cranky and lost of appetite. But thankfully, the hearing in her ear has improved – I kept asking her if she could hear and her answer was yes. Also, there wasn’t any complaints of ear pain from her, which means that her ear did not get infected. The best indication is she did not develop any fever coz fever means an ear infection has developed. If she continues to show signs of improvement, then we can attend the lantern party at her pre-school in the evening. She’s been looking forward to the party since last week.

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Fitball Wonders

I’ve just had 2-3 minutes of back arching exercise on my fitball and let me tell you, the effect is really good. The nagging jabbing pain on my back has subsided. Of course I don’t expect the pain to vanish instantaneously but the pain sure has gone down quite a bit. I shall continue with the fitball exercise…. can’t be lazy anymore!

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Bad Backache

I woke up this morning with a bad backache. For some reasons, I’ve not been exercising my back on the fitball for a while already and damn it, my backache has re-surfaced. That’s the thing with this fitball. If you work-out on it diligently, your backache will surely be kept at bay but once you’ve stopped working on it, the backache will surely come back to haunt you. I better start exercising on my fitball again coz the pain is really unbearable and causing me disrupted sleep.

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