Herbal Egg

This is my favorite kind of egg – ‘char tan’ or herbal egg.  I normally buy them from the Eu Yan Sang chinese medicine hall near my house.  I also love to drink the herbal soup that’s used to boil the egg. At only 60 sen per egg, it’s a cheap and nutricious food. I normally buy 2 – one for me and one for my maid. When I order ‘phat chan’ or ‘8 types of herbs’ soup from the shop, I also give half to my maid.   My maid is one lucky maid.

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Happy Deepavali Holidays

My eldest brother, his wife and in-laws from Singapore are here in KL for the Deepavali holidays.  He came this morning to pass me the money that I’d transferred from my Paypal account to his Singapore bank account.  Tonight, we’ll be having dinner at Imbi Palace again.

To all those celebrating Deepavali, here’s wishing you ‘happy Deepavali’ and to the rest, have a great holiday.

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Lap Band Surgery To Combat Obesity

I have an aunt who loves to eat and leads a sedentary lifestyle.  She has a job that’s desk-bound, she works late every night, has late dinners and never exercises.  She’s overweight and her doctor has given her the red-flag on her weight and her health.  She has to loose at least ¼ of her body weight, else she risks facing many health problems ranging from diabetes to heart attack and a stroke.  Since she has an appetite that’s ravenous and insatiable, I think she really needs a houston lap band surgery to help her loose some weight.  During the surgery, an inflatable adjustable gastric band through small laparoscopic incisions is positioned around the upper portion of the patient’s stomach.  Lap band will allow a person to feel full and satisfied when the stomach pouch is reduced in size. I should advise my aunty to read up more about this procedure at JourneyLite.com.

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