My head is hurting like mad, I think it’s caused by a lack of sleep last night. Hubby’s friend who helped me set up my new computer only left at 1:30am. Today is another blog rush day for me, rushing to complete deadlines for my assignments and then there’s no better time for stupid Streamyx to be down than when I’m at my busiest. It always has to be this way. I still have 5 outstanding tasks from this particular advertiser and I am pretty sure I will not be able to complete them by 8am tomorrow. It’s ok, I’ll just let them expire, sleep is more important to me now.

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Bugger Streamyx

Streamyx screwed up again. Internet connection was disrupted for at least half an hour this afternoon. When I called Streamyx, I was given the usual initial crap of “there’s no internet disruption at your area Ma’am. Can you turn off your computer and restart it 15 minutes later?” After pressing the help desk guy to check, he finally checked and told me that there’s indeed a maintenance work on-going at my area. What the fun, this disruption is happening too frequently, like every other day. Streamyx better buckle up or risk loosing more customers.

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What’s Wrong With Me?

I have been feeling really dry with skin peeling off from my arms, waist and belly area, my lips are cracked and bleeding and I have insatiable thirst since last night. Since this morning till now, I’ve gulped down more than 15 glasses of plain water and finally the thirsty feeling is gone. I wonder what’s wrong with me. I can’t be dehydrated coz I drink like a camel, though I don’t drink as much as I used to before I was pregnant. Could it be a hormone thing or something more serious? Must really ask my gynae.

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How To Keep Your Toddlers Still At Restaurants

After encountering problems with keeping my 2 brats still at restaurants while waiting for the food to come, I came up with the idea of bringing along ther exercise books and some crayons and color pencils for them to draw and write to keep them occupied. So far, my gals love this activity and I can keep them still for at least 20 minutes before the food arrive.

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Custom Pools

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have this swimming pool in the compound of your house? If I have a compound large enough for this pool and the wherewithal to construct one, I’ll get the expertise of phoenix pool builders from CameoPoools.com to construct one for my home. Constructing a swimming pool in the compound of my house would definitely be cheaper than joining a swimming club which could run up to tens of thousands of dollars in entrance fee.

CameoPools.com has over 29 years of expertise and experience in constructing pools with the highest quality at great value too. Their custom pools are equipped with the most innovative technology and a special Debris Removal System that effectively whisks away debris while providing multiple layers of anti-entrapment protection for your loved ones. If you have a swimming pool and are thinking of remodeling it, look no further, CameoPools.com also provides excellent expertise in pool remodeling.

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Souvenirs From Disneyland

There are some of the souvenirs from Disneyland that my sil got Alycia and Sherilyn during her latest visit here :

Disney Princess stickers

Disney Princess plastic table cloth

The gals have a cupboard load of souvenirs and goodies from Disneyland that my sils and mil had bought them over the years. Most of them are only suitable for ages 4 and up. I have to hide these items, else the gals will stick these expensive stickers everywhere in the house.

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Professional Custom Writing Service

My cousin who is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering in a university in Sheffield is always complaining to his mom that he has too many assignments to complete. Some of the assignments include custom term papers which have very tight deadlines. He’s been loosing sleep and feeling really stressed up. I should tell him that he can now engage professional custom writing service from EssayCapital.com to help him write high quality assignments, Custom Term Papers, research papers and essays that meet strict anti-plagiarism and deadline policies.

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