Sunday School

One of the things that motivate Alycia and Sherilyn to drag themselves up from bed early on a Sunday morning is getting stickers from their Sunday School teachers apart from doing art and craft, coloring and singing.

At the end of the Sunday School class, all the kids will queue up to get stickers from the teachers.  Alycia and Sherilyn will always ask for more than one sticker and the teachers never fail to accommodate their whims.

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Food Review – Gu Yue Tien Chinese Cuisine

When my brother, his wife and family from Singapore were here during the Deepavali holiday last week, we had dinner at Gu Yue Tien Chinese Cuisine at Chulan Square. This restaurant serves fusion food and the food were very good – tasty and presentation was very good too. We didn’t try the fusion food but we could see from other tables that they looked good.

Apart from the dishes as shown here, we also ordered double boiled pigs’ stomach soup with lots of pepper (very tasty) and double boiled black bean soup with chicken (very tasty).

For dessert, we ordered a deep fried lai sar tong yuen with black sesame paste as filling, double boiled almond milk with suet kap (frog’s intestines) and a bitter gourd & honey dew pudding which was very refreshing though a tad bitter.  Do check out my Blogspot blog to view pictures of the dessert.

We were all very satisfied with the food and will definitely return to this restaurant.  The next time round we will try  their dim sum.

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Professional Headhunters

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My Fresh Milk Stock

That’s how much fresh milk I drink for 1.5 weeks – 4 boxes of my favorite Marigold HL milk – plain and banana flavor.  Despite having aversion to certain food, luckily I still love milk during my pregnancy, all 3 of them.  When I was carrying Alycia and didn’t have appetite to eat anything, I was practically surviving only on fresh milk and soups.

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Forgetful Mum

I was rushing away to meet my deadlines this morning till I had forgotten to put Alycia’s lunch box into her school bag.  I had prepared peanut butter-strawberry jam-butter and cheese toast for her and had cut it nicely into triangular wedges and placed them into her lunch box.  I then left the lunchbox on the table and went upstairs to wake the gals up.  When I came down,  I was busy preparing Aly – brushing her teeth, putting on her clothes and putting on a bandaid on her toe that’s hurt and had totally forgetten to put the lunchbox into her bag.  Guess who reminded me?  It was when daddy had brought Alycia to school and Sher saw the lunchbox on the table and said “mummy, cheh cheh forgot to bring this”.  Quickly called daddy to bring the lunchbox to Alycia.   Sherilyn is so alert and observant!

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Payday Advance To The Rescue

She called me again several days ago on the pretext of asking how my pregnancy is progressing. I know that each time she calls, there is surely an ulterior motive. I’ve known her for more than 10 years since our college days and though she can be quite a helpful friend at times, she is always borrowing petty amount of money from me ranging between 100 to 300 Ringgit each time. If only my friend had the self-control and discipline to spend her money wisely, she wouldn’t have to go round literally begging for money to tied her to her next payday. When she called me this time, I told her to get a payday advance from one of those online licensed money lenders. I told her that there are plenty of these online lenders these days and one website that can give her a loan within 24 hours of approval is My friend seriously needs professional debt counseling.

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I Need Something ‘Yun’

When I had a chanced meeting with Alycia and Sher’s former babysitter yesterday, she was taken aback to see me ‘dried and withered’ with cracked lips and peeling skin on my arms. She advised me to double boil something ‘yun’ to drink and suggested pears or apples double boiled with snow fungus and wolfberries. She told me that she drinks this concoction twice a week to cool down and nourish her body. I’ve given instructions to my maid to boil this concoction today and it’s been years since I last drank this wonderful tasting ‘poa pun’.

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Rush Rush Rush

I had woken up late this morning at 6:15am. Quickly rushed downstairs, turn on my computer and went to the website of this network. I have 4 opps expiring in 45 minutes and I know there’s no way I could complete them. Managed to complete 3 opps and when I had finished the last one, I was able to submit the task in the nick of time where I had less than 1 minute before it expired. After clicking on the submit tab, I saw the red word ‘expire’ appear on the 4th task. Phew, what a rush, really felt like I was competing in a race or something and came in second in place, LOL! Quite chee kek to get involved in this kind of rush and race sometimes, the pump of adrenalin through my body is really chee kek!

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The Perfect Guide To A Dream Wedding

Getting married could be one of the happiest events to most people but the wedding preparation could be very daunting, especially to those who want the perfect dream wedding. First you have to draw up the guest list, then decide where to hold your wedding reception, once the venue is confirmed you decide on the menu for the wedding dinner, choosing the right bridal studio, the wedding gowns, choosing the wedding favors, the wedding cake, the wedding jewelry, wedding shower, getting the right photographer, finding the right place at the right budget for your honeymoon and the list never seems to end. If would help a great deal if you could get someone to provide you with some advice and tips to a perfect wedding and there’s no other place to get that free expert advice and free wedding tools than at, a wedding website that you can also get hundreds of wedding ideas, useful tips and view photo galleries. is truly the complete wedding guide that will help make your wedding a perfect one.

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