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Copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.) Share one of your own health tip (tip on how to be more healthy) with others. Try to make your tip short but informative.

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 1. Be happy – Everyday health and beauty
2. Be contented with what God Bless us – chanelwong
3. Be faithful – Ruth
4. Laugh a lot – Chinnee
5. Follow a healthy regimen and remember to exercise! – Healthfreakmommy

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Which Brand of HDTV Is Good?

After months of talking about getting a new HDTV, can you believe we still have not bought one yet? Well, hubby and I just can’t decide whether to get a panasonic HDTV, a Toshiba HDTV or a Samsung HDTV. These are all good brands but we just can’t settle for one. We are always very fickle when it comes to buying expensive electrical items as we really want to get one that can last us for the next 10 years at least! I think I’ll just go to to read up on all the well known brands and product description of LCD HDTVs available in the market. That will at least give me an idea of what features I should be looking for in a HDTV.

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