Alycia My Discerning Diner

Alycia who loves nothing more than food has lately shown very keen interest in mastering the fork and knife and chopsticks. We were at PJ Hilton last Sunday for lunch and she insisted that she wanted to use the fork and knife to cut her sausage,  just like we adults. When Sherilyn saw, she also followed suit without any hesitation.  Alycia has always been an easy feeder and most times now, I don’t have to feed her meals as she prefers to eat on her own.   She even told me that she wants to attend the cooking class at her pre-school during the school holidays.  I may consider sending her to the class but it’s really costly at RM150 for 5 days @ 2 hours each session.   I think she will end up being a chef in future!  Well, it’s in her blood and it runs in the family!

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Online Family Recipes

I have always wanted to cook my own Thai green curry but could not find a recipe that is easy to cook but that’s until I found a homemade Thai green curry recipe from, an online cookbook with loads of family recipes ranging from cake recipes to pie recipes, kids’ recipes, spaghetti recipes, recipes for pregnant women and much more.  At, I can get absolutely free recipes of delicious homemade dishes created and submitted by people round the globe. I can even create my own account at and submit my own recipes and share them with my family, friends and people all over the world.

If you have kids, I really think it’s a good idea for the kids to be eating home-cooked food everyday if you have the time to cook.  At, there are simple recipes for kids that you can whip up in a jiffy.  I’m going to try a roasted vegetables pasta recipe submitted by Jill and a meatball pasta dish submitted by Cheff for my girls soon. The recipes look easy to cook and I’ll bet my girls will love them.  Do check out and surprise your hubby and kids with a new dish for dinner every night.

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