If It Looks Good, It Tastes Good Too

I mentioned in my earlier posts that Sherilyn my tough nut is super willful and disobedient. Getting her to do any task seems to be a tall order, from getting her to wee wee to poo poo to washing hands to just about any instructions, with the exception of getting her to eat biscuits, chips, ice-cream and other junkies.

When she started pre-school on Monday last week, I have been telling her everyday that she is to eat the food that I pack for her in her lunch box.  I also told her to finish the water in her tumbler.  However, she comes home each day with her food untouched and water almost untouched too.  I never had this problem with Alycia when she was Sherilyn’s age last year.  Alycia would obediently finish whatever food that I pack in her lunch box and she would also finish the water in her tumbler almost everyday. 

Feeling tired of reminding Sherilyn to eat the food in her lunch box, I made something cute and attractive for her several days ago.  I got my maid to fry some eggs, then, I cut them into shapes with my heart shaped and flower shaped cookie cutters. 

The result – she whacked all the eggs everyday!

I can’t wait to buy some Bento lunch boxes and tools online so that I can start having fun making pretty Bento lunch boxes for Alycia and Sherilyn. I’m sure they will love them too.

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13 thoughts on “If It Looks Good, It Tastes Good Too

  1. That’s the way to make the kids eat their meals….always decorate them to make it as tempting as possible. You can look out for more websites that are very creative with bentos…

  2. You’re lucky your girls are into girlie stuff. No matter how creative I made Belle’s lunch to be, she will not eat it if she doesn’t feel like it. *sigh* So susah la this girl of mine.

  3. Interesting..i have googled it .. found alot of creative mom making bento for their kids.. Thanks to sweetjasmine idea. But it’s difficult to prepare, so many tiny bits of ingredients… Worst of all, gotta get up earlier everyday!

    Healthfreakmommy’s egg bento is easy to prepare but, an egg a day.. isn’t it too much for our kids? My girl has good appetite, an egg is insufficient for her. I normally packed in some other foods as well.

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