Sherilyn Loves Eating Chicken Feet!

“Eeeyerrrrr……”  – that was the remark made by Alycia and I when Sherilyn told her mah mah that she wanted to try the huge chicken feet. My mil had boiled a pot of lotus root stuffed with mung beans soup. She had thrown in a pair of chicken feet together with some pork ribs. When Sherilyn saw the huge chicken feet on the dining table, this little Miss Adventurous said she wanted to try.

First, she picked the chicken feet up with her pair of chopsticks. Then, she smelled it and threw the chicken feet back on the plate when we all said “eeeyerrrr“…..

Seconds later, she said she wanted to try the chicken feet again when her curiosity got the better of her.  After her first bite, she liked it…. my goodness, my little non-meat eater likes chicken feet of all meat!

And as she sat on her dining chair all messed up, with soup dribbling down her arms and soup all over her cheeks and table, she chewed on the entire chicken feet and licked her hands clean.

I just can’t believe that Miss Spitty Spat my non-meat eater loves chicken feet. I bet she can be a good contestant for Malaysia’s Fear Factor in future.

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14 thoughts on “Sherilyn Loves Eating Chicken Feet!

  1. Sherilyn hold the chicken feet with the chopsticks very carefully. Yes, she wants to try all the new dishes and she’s very adventurous also.

    Please convey regards to Alicia and Baby C

    Take care

    God bless

  2. She’s a very adventurous gal. She has her own mind too.

    Both are very good qualities as:
    1) she’ll try new things and adapt easily,
    2) won’t be easily influenced by people’s comments, even negative eee-yer ones, and find out for herself if something is really as what other people say or claim.

    A smart child, this one.

  3. Eeeeeyyyyyeeerrrrr…I also don’t eat chicken feet, but all my family member love it to bit!
    Picture that Sherilyn use chopstick to hold the chicken feet look so pro. Hahahhaha..cute!

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