Sherilyn’s Colorful Personality

Sherilyn has a very ‘colorful’ personality. She’s a drama queen, very imaginative, can be very good in immitating people, loves singing and inventing her own lyrics all the time and is a ‘cili padi’ or ‘fighter-cock’. She never ever wants to loose out to her cheh cheh and always wants to be in the forefront, never in the backseat. When she’s good, she can be very angelic and when she’s bad, she horrid.

Her colorful personality is even shown in her coloring. All her colorings are multi-colored, hardly a single color, though black seemed to be her favorite color early this year but now, she loves a multitude of colors in her coloring.

Sherilyn’s homework.

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7 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s Colorful Personality

  1. She’s very good at coloring! At least she colors inside the line. I’ve been trying to get Belle color inside the lines..but she colors like her personality. She will go wild and color aimlessly..hahaha..

  2. Like I said, is it always the young one is more cheeky and full of idea on their mind? Cruz also got the character like Sherilyn, love to sing, but inventing the lyrics, love mimic people. Haha

    Sherilyn’s coloring a lot better than my boys!

  3. My girl likes to put multi-colors in all her drawing when she was 4 yrs plus and now at 5 plus, she colours accordingly to real pictures. Your Sherilyn really can colours so well and beautifully!

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