Sherilyn’s First Whip From Daddy

For the first time, Sherilyn got whipped from daddy yesterday. It was almost dinner time and daddy came home early yesterday and was lying on the floor in the hall to get some rest. Sherilyn was playing and started to throw her toys everywhere. When daddy scolded her and told her to stop throwing the toys, as usual, she tried to turn deaf and continued with her toys throwing spree until a ‘flying saucer’ which was an Ikea plastic plate landed on daddy’s mouth and cut daddy’s inner lip. He bled quite a bit and was in pain and he was furious. When daddy showed the bloody lip to Sherilyn, she was scared….scared because the usual fun-loving and forgiving daddy looked very furious and in pain. This is how frightened and worried Sherilyn looked.

Daddy then came to her and said this :

Daddy – Kay Yi, say sorry to daddy…

Sher – shorry.

Daddy – Kay Yi, which hand did you use to throw the toy at daddy? Look at daddy’s lip…. it’s bleeding. Daddy got to punish you now. I will beat your hand 3 times.

Sherilyn then forwarded her right hand and daddy hit her hand lightly one time. As he was about to hit the hand the second time…

Sher – My hand got shaliva……

and she retracted her hand. I was controlling hard not to laugh at the silly excuse given by Sherilyn. What kind of excuse is that, saliva on her hand!

Daddy – give me your hand Kay Yi…..

but she struggled to stay her hand away from daddy like this….

Finally when daddy wanted to pull her hand out….

Sher – ENOUGH daddy…..

I laughed hard but pursed my lips tightly to contain the laughter coz Sherilyn sounded so cute when she blurted out ‘enough daddy’ in her babyish voice. Daddy too wanted to laugh but tried really hard to suppress his laughter.

Anyway, daddy gave her another light whip on her hand and then we all proceeded to have dinner.

For 15 minutes during dinner, Sher just stared blankly at daddy observing closely his expression and perhaps trying real hard to figure out how to cheer daddy up. She was chewing her food but not swallowing them…. just staring at daddy.

Daddy – swallow your food Kay Yi.

Sher continued to stare at daddy with a guilt-stricken expression on her face.

Daddy – open your mouth Kay Yi…

Sherilyn then opened her mouth wide and said “NOTHING… heheheheh…..”

Daddy, Alycia, my maid and I burst out laughing out really hard till our belly hurt and of course, Sherilyn was laughing away as if to tell us ” I won again. See… i am smart”

After dinner, just as daddy was about to leave the house to watch a basketball match, Sherilyn shouted across the hall to daddy…

Sher – daddy, kiss you……

Daddy’s heart melted. He walked over to Sherilyn and let her kiss him on his cheek.

Sherilyn really knows how to melt the coldest of heart and douse off a fire raging an angry heart. She’s really manipulative and witty. Really, you tell me, how to get angry with her leh.

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12 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s First Whip From Daddy

  1. Hhahaha!! smart kid ..!! chloe is this way.. too..! she would say.. “i’m sorry mom..” “i’m sorry .. mom” ..”i won’t do it again .. ok..??”

  2. No, we can never be angry for longwith someone we really love, especially so if she’s our own flesh and blood.

  3. Oh my! what a story! My heart melted at the site of your dear baby but I just can’t control my laughter on the latter part of the entry. She’s real cute and smart.

  4. hey babe, daddy was on fire and still you’re snappin away, daddy didnt tell you off meh? see how she pose with her hands behind her neck, so stylo.
    really kids nowadays are damn manipulative. esp girls, cos they are too cute.

  5. kekeke…was wondering how her chie-chie react on this ! Shireen, u coming to the playgroup this coming tues?

  6. but i find you more funny, you were able to capture “the heat” on camera. I still believe in “not sparing the rod” to discipline the kids…we can always explain why we did it.

  7. Mamabok…chloe is also so smart, knows how to melt ur heart!

    Granny… yes, not good to be angry with our loved ones and anyone for a long time. Must be forgiving.

    Marie… tks 4 dropping by my blog.

    Chin Nee… alycia was laughing away at her sis.

    Leena & Girlie.. Daddy was so furious he didnt even notice me snapping away and the scene was really funny so i thot I must capture this on my camera.

    Jazzmint… my 2 terrors are capable of doing anything. So better be safe than sorry. DH is the one who bot all those types of locks for all the different types of drawers in the hse.

    Mom to Chumsy….. sherilyn is indeed a lil sly fox.

  8. wanna to leave comment in your avocado post, but don’t know why can’t…

    thanks for your recipe, really don’t know can eat avocado in this way…:)

    Alamak…why Alycia suddenly behaved in this way?

  9. I really, really loved that story!!! It made me laugh so hard, especially the saliva part – AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I love that girl already. She’ll get along with Tee like a house on fire.

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