Alycia’s Not Getting Any Better

Alycia’s cough is still not getting any better.  The phlegm has  increased and she kept vomitting the phlegm out each time she coughed.  This morning after drinking milk, she lay on the couch, then coughed and coughed and puked everything out.  Later during breakfast, she vomitted again, including the medicine that I had just fed her. She has also not poo pooed for 3 days as she has been eating very little.  Daddy will be bringing her to see the paed again later.

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6 thoughts on “Alycia’s Not Getting Any Better

  1. is she having fever as well? i had that kinds symptom when i was down with brochitis. at least she vomitted the phlehm out, means its a good sign. Otherwise it will wrap the lungs up. Get well soon!

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