No Longer Sexy Legs

That’s how ugly my once sexy legs are now. Old wives tale has it that if you’re expecting a girl, the baby girl will steal all your beauty away!

The varicose and spider veins are becoming from bad to worse everyday.

The veins on my left leg have now spread to my foot and ankle. I now look like a diseased person. Maybe I should really consider doing treatment for the varicose and spider veins. I’ve just written a review on this and I am really tempted to do it after delivering my baby.

The varicose veins are slowly but surely attacking my right leg now.

I am really hoping that these varicose and spider veins will subside after I have delivered my baby.

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18 thoughts on “No Longer Sexy Legs

  1. This is really bad leh. I dont encounter this during my pregnancy but …… my whole body is itchy until at one stage I couldn’t stand and told my gynae I want to abort the baby. Look how silly am I. Now my leg and body full with scars.

  2. look so scary. lucky I don’t have this when pregnant my daughter, when pregnant my son, my both leg was itchy and become darker color, but it was disappear after 3 months delivery.

  3. wow, its really bad and i hope it will subside, try not to walk or stand too much.. got tratment for this one ah? hope it really works for u! u do hv beautiful legs, very fair too..

  4. Yikees…it really look bad…but, I heard only perform surgery will get ride of it, no? Wow, preggie girl girl is really not easy hor?? It really frightened me..

  5. looks scary! My MIL legs also like that. Hmmm..can’t give u any advice, i dont encounter this during my pregnancy, like some mummy said, mine is both legs and hand so so itchy and i can’t stand and i scratched, till it got scar all over on my hands and legs, look like chicken pox. Now i’m shower using one papaya soap, it had “smoothen” my skin and the scar all gone!

  6. This was bad. My Mum had the same problem last time too. The varicose didn’t go away after she delivered my sis. Please take care and don’t stand for long time.

  7. oh looks painful. maybe you should sit down more often and don’t stand/walk for too long. i didn’t know your veins are that bad when you mentioned it months back.

  8. It sure hurts with prolong standing and walking right? Later as the wt increases, may be worse. Do try wearing stokinette or tubigrip…u can get frm pharmacy or frm an occupational therapist. If u cant source it, let me knw I’ll help u get them. No guarantee it will go away aftr delivery but for the time being, it helps compress the veins so that they don’t swell further. Plss abstain frm stdg too long. Also can apply some cream before the stokinnet.Thank God I dont have them.neither do i have stretch marks after 4 kids. Thanks to Palmer’s cocoa butter which I apply once i knw I’m pregnant. Take care

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