Painless Alternatives To Breast Surgery

My friend’s Ob&G once told her that expressing milk with a breast pump may cause some women’s breast to shrink in size. I did not believe it until I experienced it myself. With Alycia, I had breastfed her directly from my breast for 2 months. After I weaned her off breast milk, my breasts were still full and firm.  With Sherilyn, I breastfed her for 6 months and I had to use a breast pump most of the time as I had to pump out the milk before I went to work and in the office. The suction not only caused my breasts to hurt but they actually shrunk in size. After I weaned Sherilyn off breast milk, my breasts were reduced to a pathetically small size and I even had to buy bras of a smaller size. I envied my friends with voluptuous boobs and at times, I even have thoughts of going for a breast enhancement. Nope, definitely not going under the knife but using breast enhancement pills and breast enhancement creams.

Did you know that there are many painless alternatives to breast surgery? One of the top breast enhancement alternatives is a product called Breast Actives. It is a pill and cream combination that works to help stimulate new tissue growth inside the breast and new, firm skin growth on the outside for firmer looking boobs.  Breast Active is a composition of essential amino acids, herbal ingredients and vitamins that synergizes to boost breast growth up to 2 cup sizes from 1 to 3 months after starting on the product. However, results vary from woman to woman.

Another alternative which I have never heard of is Zoft, a breast enhancement chewing gum. Yes, you read me right. Women who desire to have more voluptuous boobs can now chew their way to bigger boobs with this gum that consists of 12 essential plant ingredients with essential amino acids.

Are you now tempted to realize your dreams of having bigger boobs? I never knew that there are such novel and painless alternatives to breast surgery now.  If you want to know more about these wonders, head on to

There are many websites you can get medical advice and information on many different cancers like breast cancer. You can also find information on the medical symptoms of the diseases as well.

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