Alycia’s First Ballet Concert

Today was Alycia’s first ballet concert and her first ever concert in her life.  Alycia has only been attending 8 months of ballet lessons and she joined her other classmates who have been learning ballet for 1-2 years in the concert.

It’s a shame I couldn’t attend the concert as the entire concert lasted around 2 hours.  This included the performance by other performers like pianists, violinists, etc who took lessons from the center.  I didn’t want a situation where Baby C fussed or cried and caused a stir in the studio. I made sure daddy brought along the camera and camcorder.

Alycia did not smile throughout the concert as she felt uncomfortable with the sticky lipstick on her lips…. which was also the first time she had lipstick applied on her lips.  She told me that her teacher even sprinkled some silver dust on her lips and she dared not close her mouth throughout the concert ….. which made her look kinda stiff and grouchy lol!

Alycia has been telling me that she doesn’t like to attend ballet classes.  That’s because I can no longer accompany her to the classes like I used to before Baby C’s arrival.  Most of the parents there accompany their daughters throughout the ballet lesson.  I told her that once baby’s a little grown up, I can accompany her to her classes every week…. which made her happier!

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16 thoughts on “Alycia’s First Ballet Concert

  1. Hi Alicia

    You look very very beautiful in ballet costume. Continue your ballet class…it’ll improve your confidence, energy and you’ll get a good body. we’re very happy to see your photo. I’ve been waiting to see your ballet photo since morning. I visited your mommy’s blog twice.

    All the best Alicia

    keep smiling
    God bless

  2. how come nowadays parents must accompany kids for ballet???? is it baby ballet class she is attending now?

    cos i remember my time, strictly no mummy allowed 🙁

    Alicia is definitely a ballerina in the making… she look so pretty.

  3. She must be quite good to be involved in the concert altho she’s oni been learning for 8 mths. Too bad abt the lipstick, otherwise, she wud’ve enjoyed it more.

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