Baby C Loves Watching ‘Your Baby Can Read’ VCD

It amazes me that Baby C loves watching the ‘Your Baby Can Read’ VCDs. Each time the VCD is put on, she will watch with great intent and chuckles on her own when she sees the kids on the VCD in action.

Baby C never fails to smile when she sees Aleka (pic of girl on TV), the daughter of Prof Robert Titzer on TV. Maybe Aleka spots some resemblance to her Alycia cheh cheh and she thinks that Aleka is her cheh cheh?

The VCD can entertain Baby C for at least 15-20 minutes, during which I would have to finish off my shower and do my poopie business hurriedly, as if meeting some life-and-death deadlines lol!

No. of times viewed = 476

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11 thoughts on “Baby C Loves Watching ‘Your Baby Can Read’ VCD

  1. LOL…you have life and death deadlines? I was also thinking…maybe the girl on TV resembles her che che πŸ˜€ Baby C looks so cute lifting her head up to watch tv πŸ˜€ I’m sure she’ll be one smart girl with all these learning tools you are showing her.

  2. yes, i’ve been looking for ‘your baby can read’ too. is it available at bookstores? Don’t recall seeing it at Speedy though, or i could have missed it.

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