How Simple Things Like Papers Can Keep Baby C Occupied

I hardly buy toys for Baby C coz I know she will get bored of her new toy in just days or sometimes in just hours. What I normally do is go through my kitchen cabinets to fish out some plastic containers, cups or plates or go through Aly and Sher’s Toyogo toy box to pick out some old plastic toys.   The other day, I wanted to get some work done on the computer but my little Energizer Bunny doesn’t want to take her nap.  So I gave her 2 pieces of papers and voila, she was so fascinated by the papers that she spent a good half an hour playing with the papers and crawling everywhere on the floor with the papers…. and helping me clean the floor too with those papers!

See how happy baby is playing with her new found ‘disposable toy’.

But this BIG toy is too dangerous to play with baby…

On another note, we brought Baby C for an ultrasound scan of her urinary tract system today.  Check out my health blog to read on.

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