Baby C’s Progress @ 9.5 Months

2 days ago, Baby C started doing the following :

…she discovered the joys of picking her nose with her forefinger!

She could also put both her hands together and move them up and down when we ask her to do ‘gong xi gong xi’.  Daddy was in Cloud 9 when he saw his little baby doing gong xi gong xi to him with her tiny hands on the first day of Chinese New Year.   That’s considered fast for my daughters’ standard coz I remember Alycia and Sherilyn could only do the gong xi gong xi thingy with their hands after their first birthday.

Not to mention, she could also clap her hands whenever we sing or hum the tune ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands’.  She will also open and close her fists whenever we sing or hum the tune ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’.

This morning, I got a surprise when I went in to my bedroom and saw her playing with her soiled diaper!  Luckily she did not give me some hot Chocolate mudcake or some hot Crysanthemum tea in her playpen coz that would be really really messy.  She now knows how to unfasten the side tapes and remove her diaper.  She also knows how to remove her pants.   

Over the past few days, Baby C could also stand for a few seconds unaided.  I think she will soon be taking her first few steps… which means more trouble for me as I will have to watch over her like a hawk.   

Other than getting recurring UTIs, Baby C is a healthy and happy baby.

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