Baby C Talks At 9 Months+

I have to put this on record today itself coz this morning, Baby C talked!  My maid and I have always been encouraging baby to talk.  We’ve always been asking her to say “daddy”, “mummy” and “cheh cheh”.  This morning, as usual, I was saying this to baby “baby, say cheh cheh, say cheh cheh“…. and to my utmost surprise, baby said “jeh jeh“!   I was shocked, elated, speechless and in seventh heaven.  My baby said jeh jeh!  Then I asked her to say “daddy” and after prompting her to say daddy several times, she said “da dah“.   For the next 10 minutes, I was continuously asking her to call “daddy” and “cheh cheh”.    When I asked her again to say “daddy”,  she said “da… dee“!   About 15 minutes later, she said jeh jeh and da…. dee again when I asked her.   Wooot… baby really said da….dee and jeh jeh!  Remember I posted about 2 weeks ago that baby said “hey daddy”?  Well, I think that was coincidental that she managed to babble that out but today, she said da….dee and jeh jeh when being asked!

Despite all the challenges and sufferings that she has to grapple with, my little tough nut is one very determined baby… just like mummy…. stubborn and determined!  I hope to hear more surprises from my baby in the days to come. 

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