Into The Bin And Flushed Down The Toilet

This is Sherilyn’s dinner consisting of brown rice, pan-fried salmon fish, steamed egg with minced pork and stir-fried veggie, all cut up, along with a bowl of watercress soup. My mil normally prepares her bowl/plate of dinner, then feeds her *slap forehead*

This plate of dinner went into the bin coz after feeding Sherilyn just 1 spoonful, she stored the food in her mouth for almost an hour…. which really pissed my mil off and she sent Sherilyn off the dining table and told her not to eat anymore… and no milk for her later in the night. But that was music to Sher’s ears. She zoomed to the bathroom on the pretext of peeing and when we heard the sound of the toilet being flushed, we knew what this fler was up to…. coz she hardly flushes the toilet after her business. We saw bits of food and veggie floating in the toilet bowl haha…. she’s not quick enough to second flush to eliminate all traces of the food hah! See how cunning this fler is! Why lar Sherilyn is eating rice such a torture to you?

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