Making A Dish Look Good

My mil who is a great cook would only put presentable dishes on the dining table. Unlike me, I don’t bother much about making the food look really good, I use whatever plate/bowl that’s within reach and I try to find the shortest and easiest possible way to prepare a dish, but not my mil.  She goes into great lenghts to prepare a dish.  She’s one who would remove the skin of a tomato by blanching it in a pot of boiling water.  Me? I’d just reach out for a fruit peeler.

See this plate of canned sardine fish? My mil made it look so appetizing by slicing up some chilled Japanese cucumbers and onions and squeezed in some lemon juice.  Me? I’d have just put the sardines in a China bowl and dump it into the microwave or toaster oven, then dig in it.  Even my 2 gals who don’t really fancy canned sardines digged in them and they do taste good with all the accompaniments. I sapu almost the entire plate of sardines!  I would have beautified my dishes too if I had more time on hand now.

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