Hates Rice But Loves Oodles Of Noodles

Lately I have been recollecting my childhood days to see if Sherilyn takes after me and then all of a sudden, I remembered that I hated to eat rice too (and still donch like rice). I remember a few incidences very vividly when I was around 6-7 years old where my mum spoon fed me rice with dishes that I hated but I dared not spit them out as my parents were fierce, and so was my maternal grandma…. so I forced myself to swallow the rice painfully and almost puked them out…. which naturally caused my eyes to turn watery LOL!

This happened last week when we were having lunch at Paris (Par Lai) Restaurant in PJ. We had ordered several dishes that would surely whet the appetite of any kid but not Sher. When everyone had finished eating (even Baby had finished eating), we all left our seats and stood next to the table, hurrying Sher to finish her food. Daddy had to feed her and put on an angry face but still she could not finish her food.  She spat the last spoonful of food out, haih……

On another occasion when we had lunch at an Italian restaurant, it was such a breeze sitting next to her. Sher was happily slurping her oodles of spaghetti and even helped herself to more without me asking her to eat.

My mil will be away for a few months next month and I will have one less helper. Sherilyn will be one happy girl soon coz she is so going to eat noodles and bread at every meal muahahahaha…….

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