Streamyx Sucks

Internet connetion has been very unstable for the past 2 days.  A few bloggers and I were unable to get into the sites of 3P, Blogitive and PU2B for 2 days.  We thought we were  suspended and locked out by these advertisers coz bloggers from other areas in the Klang Valley and East Malaysia were able to log in to these sites.  When I called Streamyx,  I was given the same unacceptable answer and help.  I find that even after 1 full day of Streamyx being down at certain areas, the Help Desk officers are still unaware and not notified of the problem.  Instead, they give useless advice and step-by-step instructions to change the settings in our PC or delete certain files and cookis which had once caused my PC to go haywire.  Streamyx sucks don’t they?   Chin Nee was telling me maybe we should switch to Maxis or other providers.

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6 thoughts on “Streamyx Sucks

  1. Unfortunately, it depends on where you stay and whether there is Maxis there or not. My area has no Maxis, only Tm since they got here first to put in their fibre optic cables. KLCC area has Maxis *smile* Mafulat, is all I can say.

  2. that’s pretty hard, especially if we have deadlines to beat. I don’t have problem with my service provider, but lately I’ve been having problems with my webhost. My site has been down a couple of times, and it’s frustrating

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