Still Moving, Unpacking And Arranging Our Things

There were a few more truck loads of our stuff from our old home to our new home today. I could barely do anything but carry Baby C all the time. She has been purging again… till her diaper area is oh so red and sore and each time I wash the area, she’ll be yelling away. I hope it’s not another UTI 🙁

As for me, my sensitive nose and throat are allergic to the new paint and varnish in the new home and I am having sore throat, itchy throat and a runny and stuffy nose.

The darn 3G wireless internet is still moving at snail’s pace and horribly unstable. I feel so frustrated sitting at my PC waiting for the line to be connected. Have just called Streamyx to voice my complaint. Today is the 7th day my Streamyx has been disconnected and as expected, they were not even informed that they have to install Streamyx at my new place, unbelievable!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some pix of the move taken at my old home.

Plastic boxes of things scattered in the living room floor, waiting to be moved to the new place.

The fridge being moved out of the house.

Our dining area devoid of table and chairs and my 2 brats eating on the floor. They found it fun and said it’s like a picnic!

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12 thoughts on “Still Moving, Unpacking And Arranging Our Things

  1. so cute your girls!

    but i hear u about moving. it’s super duper with baby…even more tiring!

    hope you’ll get some rest soon. Your maid is helping you with the clean up? I hope so…or else…mega pengsan package!

  2. tat is a lot of felton boxes man, haha! nasib got maid, if not sei lor 🙂

    hate movin house man. during my childhood days to date, my parents moved 9 times de *faint*

  3. yeah moving can be hectic and moving frm old hse to new hse is much more worse than moving for the first time! i’m moving this Dec too! and lots of things still waiting to be packed! “headache”!

  4. I really hate moving. Have moved so many times. Everytime, the packing and unpacking drives me crazy. Hopefully, no more moving for a while. Wishing you all the best…

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