Busy Bee

I have been extremely busy the past few days. Was busy with:

1) Orders from my blogshop
2) An enquiry from a customer from California who wanted to purchase 25 pieces of clothing from my blogshop.
3) Busy replying emails.
4) Busy calling / texting / emailing my suppliers.
5) Busy coaching Alycia in her homework. In the beginning, there was not much homework given. However, things have changed now. Homework is getting heavier by the day. 2 days ago, Alycia was given 2 worksheets to complete at home. The worksheets consisted of Math, BM, English and Mandarin and each set of worksheet had about 10 pages!! Alycia stayed up until 10ish pm to complete her work, then I hurried her off to bed. The next morning when she dragged herself out from bed, she was so sleepy that she sat at the dining table chair with her eyes closed and could not bring herself up to drink her milk.
6) Busy coaching Sherilyn in her homework and teaching her Math.
7) Busy bringing Baby to the potty and washing her up after each pee. With Baby, I have to make sure that she pees very frequently and her down under is squeaky clean to prevent another UTI.
8) Busy coaxing Baby to pee, to poo and to wear clothes that she’s supposed to wear at home. This I will blog in another post. This cutie pie is slowly transforming into a rascal as her 2nd birthday is fast approaching.
9) Tried to blog-hop to at least 3 blogs each day.
10) Tried to update my 3 blogs. For my health blog, I have to do a lot of reading to find interesting health related articles. 
11) Spoon-feed Baby formula milk.
12) Still run and exercise at least 30-40 minutes every morning without fail.

and sigh….. I don’t even have time to finish reading the newspapers.
Have no time to ‘p8at’ in Facebook 🙁
No time to visit blogs that I really wanted to visit 🙁
No time to finish last month’s Reader’s Digest
No time to read the Bible … can’t even remember when the last time was that I read it *forgive me God*
No time to do things that I love to do


Here’s a pic of rascal #2 who had dozed off on the couch. This rascal hardly takes her nap in the afternoon now. By 9pm, she is normally so sleepy that she would doze off at the couch while watching TV.

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