A Toy Parrot That Responds To You

This battery-operated toy parrot is no ordinary toy.  It will chirp in response to your voice, to vibration and to loud noises. The hubs bought it at only RM9 from a street peddlar at a coffee shop.  Ever since he bought this parrot 2 days ago, everyone in the family has been clapping hands, banging on tables and chairs and raising our voice kakakakakakaka!!!!   This parrot also helps to douse away our anger.  Each time my mil or I scream and scold the 3 rascals, the parrot will chirp too, as if telling us to shut up LOL!!

If your kid wants a real bird as a pet, go get him/her this toy parrot.  It’s an awesome toy.

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Precious Gold

When I was a kid, the only time I had the chance to wear gold jewelry is during Chinese New Year and sometimes during wedding dinners. Gold was very precious then (well it still is) and wearing gold jewelry on normal days would risk having them snatched by snatch theft in broad daylight. When I was a kid, my cousins and I would be donned on our best outfit and accessorized with gold jewelry from head to toe during Chinese New Year every year. We would sort of compete and compare and see who had the thickest and most glittering gold jewelry. Gold is always thought as the safe haven investment and many believe it will hold its value in uncertain economic or political situations. If there is anything I want to invest in if I had the extra wherewithal, I will definitely buy gold bullion, which is a pretty safe bet.

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